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Pamela Safitri

Pamela Safitri is an Indonesian singer, model, and actress, where it is known as she is a member of a group vocal Duo of the Wolf. In addition, her name has been widespread since her involvement in the film “Security Ugal-Ugalan“ that have been released in the year 2017. The Film involves a variety of famous actors and actresses so the name is widespread.

Pamela is the daughter of Riri Anggraini. Singer from Lampung is first worked as a bookkeeper for an office. After that, she began to be a model of magazines.

Pamela long enough to undergo this profession to finally plunge into the field of music. She joined the group, vocal Duo of the Wolf, and produces a single ‘Abang Goda’. The Single was quite successful in the market despite the controversy goyang dribble on the video clip. Duo Serigala also re-released some of the latest singles. The business had changed. However, Pamela Safitri remains a personnel until now.

Interesting things to be discussed next in the Bio of Pamela Safitri is her improvement of career. Pamela started venturing into the world of acting. She starred in various films such as Komedi Modern Gokil and Security Ugal-Ugalan.

In addition, Pamela also had several soap operas such as Household Assistant, Centini, Street Children, and Invisible. Her role in this soap opera also catapulted him until now.

Personal Duo Serigala is also often controversial. This is because she often uses skimpy clothing that is considered disrespectful. The use of such clothing is often done in posts on social media, YouTube channels, or television.

In addition to developing a career in the field of music and the role, Pamela Safitri starts trying to be an entrepreneur. She peddles beauty products hers on various social media platforms. In addition, she also extended being a DJ often perform in various nightclubs. These efforts make it still exist in the world of entertainment to date.

After following the development of her career, the interesting thing to be discussed in the Biography of Pamela Safitri is the activity right now. Currently, Pamela Safitri is busy peddling beauty products. In addition, she is also active on social media Instagram and often uploads videos on the YouTube channel to say hi to her fans.

Quick information about Pamela Safitri

Full Name: Pamela Safitri
Nickname/stage: Pamela
Gender: Female
Profession: signing, modeling, and acting
Worked On: Security Ugal-Ugalan
Net Worth: $2 -5 million (as of 2021)
Date of Birth: 5th March 1993
Age (as of 29th September 2021): 28 years 6 months 24 days
Nationality: Indonesia
Birth Place: Bandung, West Java, Indonesia
Resident Country: Indonesia
Ethnicity: Asian
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Body Size: N/A
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Horoscope: Leo
Hobbies: Singing, Acting, Modeling, Eating and Photography
Pets: Dog
Education: VOCATIONAL office administration, Lampung
Father: N/A
Mother: Riri Anggriani
Siblings: N/A
Relationship Status: N/A
Boyfriend: N/A
Facebook: @pamelasafitri99
Twitter: N/A
Instagram Profile: @pamelaaasafitriduoserigala
TikTok Profile: @pamelasafitriofficial
YouTube Channel: @UCbX4OY9XiMsvRlRH0Q5jigA
IMDB Profile: @nm11288834
Wikipedia Page: @Pamela_Safitri
Popular Movies:

Recent Photos of Pamela Safitri

Pamela Safitri In White Top

Pamela Safitri In Black Top

Sweet Model Pamela Safitri

Sexy Pamela Safitri

Pretty Pamela Safitri

Pretty Model Pamela Safitri

Pretty Actress Pamela Safitri


Pamela Safitri

Pamela Safitri With Her Friend

Pamela Safitri With Her Dog

Pamela Safitri With Her Cap

Pamela Safitri On The Park

Pamela Safitri On Her Bed

Pamela Safitri On Beach

Pamela Safitri Is Showing Her Back

Pamela Safitri Is In Green Dress

Pamela Safitri In White T Shirt

Pamela Safitri In Swimming Pool

Pamela Safitri In Red Top

Pamela Safitri In Her Home

Most Beautiful Sctress Pamela Safitri

Most Beautiful Model Pamela Safitri

Most Beautiful Actress Pamela Safitri

Model Pamela Safitri

Model Pamela Safitri With Her Friend

Lovely Pamela Safitri

Lovely Model Pamela Safitri

Indonesian Sexy Actress Pamela Safitri

Indonesian Model Pamela Safitri

Indonesian Hot Model Pamela Safitri

Indonesian Hot Actress Pamela Safitri

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Beautiful Indonesian Actress Pamela Safitri

Actress Pamela Safitri

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